A Few Words About Sizing

Most of STELLA M'LIA's dresses come in OSFM, which stands for "One Size Fits Most" young girls 8-14/16 years old. This will typically translate to a range of sizes from a Girls' size 8 to 14 or a Women's size 00/XXSmall to 4-6/Small-Medium. The photo below exemplify how our dresses fit both an 8-year old girl (on the left, with the top temporarily folded down and secured with optional straps) and a 14-year old girl (on the right). We do like the idea of being there for our tween girls through their rapid growth spurt and design our dresses to last, both style-wise and size-wise.

OSFM, One Size Fits Most

We find that our system of sizing for this age range has some benefits:

  • Parents may be thrilled to find that a STELLA M'LIA dress offers a few years of wear, unlike a pair of jeans that only lasts one season at this age because it will be too short or too tight the next year.
  • Girls may find a bit of a confidence boost when they find themselves wearing the same size as their friends, larger or smaller, and can swap dresses among themselves.
  • Retailers may find it easier to offer a wider range of dress choices to their customers for the same inventory investment because STELLA M'LIA lessens the need to carry many sizes of each style and color.

Because different dress styles fit differently and are becoming to different shapes and body types, we've indicated the size range that each dress will fit best on our Product Details.


8 SML 54-56 70-80 22-26
10 MED 56-63 80-90 24-27
12 MED 56-63 80-90 24-27
14 LRG 61-66 90-110 26-28
16 LRG 61-66 90-110 26-28

If you have specific sizing questions or would like more information, we'd be more than happy to help, so please don't hesitate to call or email us.