Brand Ambassador Search!

Hey there, fans of Stella M'Lia! Whether you stumbled across this blog from the depths of the internet or you came here from our instagram post, what's up? Below is a list of the full rules and regulations of being an applicant (and maybe a winner) of the ambassador search going on right now at Stella M'Lia HQ. We are looking for up to five lovely girlies who embody Stella M'Lia's values and really make the world a better place. 


Full Rules:

Application Process:

Applicants must complete all three steps of application detailed on the search post (find it on the Stella M'Lia Instagram here).

Applicants must include responses to the questionnaire at the bottom of this blog post in their initial DM to Stella M'Lia. 

Applicants should not expect a response from Stella M'Lia. We got it, don't worry.

Winner Specifics:

Winners will be selected by Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.

There will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 winners of this contest.

Winners must be within size and age limits. There are no exceptions.

Winners will be picked based on (1) meeting physical criteria detailed on search post (find it on the Stella M’Lia instagram here) (2) a review of the applicant’s social profiles (3) a review of the applicant’s response to the questionnaire (linked below).

Consideration will also be given to the amount of followers that an applicant has. Ideally, a winning applicant would have more than three thousand followers on Instagram, however, this is not a deal breaker.

The title of Stella M'Lia Brand Ambassador and all benefits that accompany it will expire by August 1, 2019. No promotional codes or privileges will be valid beyond that point.


Winners will receive 4 “swag boxes” from Stella M’Lia headquarters over the course of one year. Swag boxes will be sent approximately every season.

Each swag box will include:

Up to 3 Stella M’Lia dresses of the ambassador’s choice. The ambassador may keep these dresses. They are gifts.

Accessories chosen uniquely for the ambassador by Stella M’Lia’s team of stylists

Extra goodies i.e. stickers, SML merchandise, cards, treats, etc.

Swag boxes will be shipped to the ambassador’s home address or shipping location given to Stella M’Lia by the ambassador upon winning.

Stella M’Lia’s team of stylists will be available for consultation and styling free of charge to the ambassadors for any event or instance in which the ambassador requests assistance in styling a Stella M’Lia dress i.e. red carpet events and special shoots. (see styling privileges)

Brand Ambassadors may also request to borrow a specific product from Stella M’Lia for a certain event. (see borrowing privileges)

Ambassadors will have regular features on Stella M’Lia’s instagram page. (see instagram features)

Ambassadors will receive a personalized discount code upon winning for them to share with their followers. (see promotional codes)

Instagram Features:

Ambassadors will be announced once in a collective post (along with other chosen applicants) within the week of selection date (August 1st).

Subsequent features on the company Instagram page will be directly correlated to the promotion and features of Stella M’Lia that the ambassador shares on their own profile.

Stella M’Lia reserves the right to the content that the ambassadors post in Stella M’Lia products and also reserves the right to share said content on the Stella M’Lia social media profiles.

Borrowing Privileges:

For special events, ambassadors are permitted to borrow one Stella M’Lia dress (and accessories) that will be provided by the team of stylists in consultation with the ambassador.

These requests will be processed by both the social media associate and the head of the style branch. If the team at Stella M’Lia does not deem the request to borrow a product to be legitimate, no dress will be provided. Stella M’Lia reserves the right to decline an illegitimate or inappropriate request.

Ambassadors are expected to return the dress within a month of borrowing it in the same condition in which it was borrowed at their own expense. Failure to return a dress in time or damage to the dress will result in Stella M’Lia requesting payment for the product. The same applies for any accessories included in this package unless explicitly marked as a gift. (see styling privileges)

Styling Privileges:

Stella M’Lia’s team of stylists will be available for gratuitous consultation on certain occasions to style a Stella M’Lia dress.

Stella M’Lia will also provide accessories on loan to the ambassador for use if the ambassador does not possess desirable accessories of their own for this occasion. (see borrowing privileges)

The stylist team will be available during business hours (9am-5pm) EST Mon-Fri for face-to-face consultation, or ambassadors can arrange to have a video chat session with the team within the same time constraints. Stella M’Lia stylists will not do in-house consultation.

Promotional Codes:

Upon selection, ambassadors will receive a personalized discount code to share with their followers for use as a 15% off coupon at checkout at

This personalized code will follow a template: AMBASSADORFIRSTNAME15.

Ambassadors are expected to share this code in all promotional posts for Stella M’Lia.

Use of Personal Information:

Any personal information given to Stella M’Lia including but not limited to: full name/surname, birthday, place of residence, address, school, will stay completely private and will be shared with no person outside of the Stella M’Lia corporation.

Address and contact details will be requested if the applicant is selected in order to ship the first swag box.

Stella M’Lia will need a parent/guardian (over 18) to sign a minor release form.

Questionnaire: Please include the answer to these questions in your initial contact with Stella M'Lia.

What is your full name? Is there a nickname you prefer to go by?

What is your age? When is your birthday? What grade are you at school?

What is your hometown/where do you live now? (Not your address, just give us the town, we want to see where you are coming from.) What school are you at? (Again, not creepy, just curious.)

Why do you think you should be selected for one of the positions as Stella M’Lia Brand Ambassador? (3 sentences, max.)

What are you passionate about? This could be a sport, an extracurricular, something you like to do on your own, a place you went, a charity, what you want to be when you grow up, anything. Give us three or four examples.

What are three words that you would say describe you?

Other than instagram, what social media platforms to you use/have? Please list and include handles/usernames.

Please also provide the following:



Dress Size

Bra Size

Waist Measurement (in inches)

Please send us your fave headshot and full-body photo.

Good luck!