What Color is Your Bat Mitzvah

With all due respect to Richard Nelson Bolles’ long-time bestseller “What Color is Your Parachute”, we thought we’d start the year with a view on the most popular colors for party-planning bat mitzvahs around the country for 2020.

• The silver, gold and white combination has been a perennial fave among bat mitzvahs favoring a neutral but black tie-ish theme. We ourselves can’t get enough of these on rotation in our closet, and the last decade made metallics and sparkles relevant even for casual daywear and athleisure. Mixed with white, metallics are perfection.

• Rose gold and millennial pink continue to have a moment, with sophisticates of all ages favoring softer tones. Being the color of caring, compassion and love, pink has become the signature color for millennials. Our new normal had pink figuring a role as a new neutral, even for manly men, a prim and proper Rihanna in pink Dior, and Kylie Jenner’s pink + gold office for her hot cosmetics line KYLIE SKIN.

We at Stella M’Lia like to play with all the colors in the crayon box, so watch for our next edits showing popular color themes. We love girls who want to express their individuality and have the confidence to stand out on their special day— but in a good way. For special occasions, we definitely favor a classy timeless look using your fave colors, so that if you beam your bat mitzvah photo on your wedding day, it shouldn’t be a cringe-worthy moment for your new hubby and wedding guests (that’ll be in 10-20 more years, people, don’t panic!). Think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, iconic women who would choose to be tastefully stylish than avant garde fashion victim-ish. Our special occasion line for girls size 8-14/16 is here for you to execute on your vision for your special day. Whatever color you love and choose, we’d love to help!